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Career & Employment

Helping over 5,000 people annually with career assessment, skills training, job referrals, and more.

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Community Outreach

Strengthening our community through culturally sensitive programs and services.

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Disability Services

Community-based housing (daily living support), employment opportunities, respite, and assistance for independent living for people with disabilities.

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Family Support

Caring, preventative, and therapeutic services for families.

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Grief & Loss

Human connection, spiritual support, and a sense of community to foster hope and healing.

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Immigration, Citizenship & Resettlement

Assistance for people from around the world as they settle into their new community.

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Mental Health

Resources and support to enhance the well-being of children, teens, adults and families.

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Support for Children

Education, counseling, assessment, pediatric therapies, and social opportunities for kids and their families.

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Therapeutic Education

Helping students with diverse social/emotional and academic needs reach their full potential through nurturing relationships, strengths-based supports, and a holistic educational experience.


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Trauma & Resilience

Healing from past events to lead the way for relief, hope and wellness.

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Additional JCFS Resources


Comprehensive immigration and citizenship services to hundreds of individuals and families, including refugee resettlement.

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JVS Career and Employment

Career counseling, job skills training, interview preparation and more.

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Knapp School & Yeshiva

Serving Chicago area students, K-12+, with varying emotional, behavioral and learning needs.

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Response for Teens

Prevention, outreach and counseling in a teen-friendly setting.

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