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For many young people and their families…talking to a counselor can be a life-changing experience.

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Your well-being matters.

For many, struggling with mental illness can be a challenging experience and it often affects the people around them. JCFS Chicago counselors use a client-centered, strength-based approach, providing a safe, therapeutic environment for individuals to feel understood.
Our Mental Health Services include:
One-on-One and Family Counseling
Psychological Evaluation & Assessment
Support Groups
Community Education

Educating the Community about Mental Health

Bring our mental health education program to your synagogue, organization or school and learn new ways to help a friend, parent, child or loved one:
Recognize the signs of a mental health challenge or crisis.
Learn how to actively and compassionately listen to someone in distress.
Understand mental health in the Jewish community and how we can support and respond to those who need our help.

In addition, synagogues throughout our community are invited to celebrate Mental Health Shabbat. Please view our Mental Health Shabbat Resource Guide for articles, information, prayers and readings.

Training Professionals in Jewish Organizations

JCFS presenters offer expertise and practical approaches for preventing a mental health crisis or intervening when a crisis cannot be averted.
Topics include:
Adolescent Mental Health
Crisis Intervention
Grief, Anxiety, and Stress
Self-Care and Coping Strategies for Professionals
Suicide Prevention


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