The links below provide prayers, information and resources to increase awareness and expand understanding of mental health in the Jewish community, and to offer support for those struggling with mental health challenges and their loved ones.  These resources can be used by clergy and staff to customize Mental Health Shabbat and to share with congregants both before and afterwards.

For assistance in planning Mental Health Shabbat, including finding a speaker for your congregation, please contact Janet Ogron, Jewish Community Liaison.

Mental Health Information and Resources

Local Mental Health Resources

An Introduction to Mental Health Disorders, No Shame on U

Common Mental Health Conditions Handbook, No Shame on U

Mental Health Myths and Facts, No Shame on U

Providing Emotional and Practical Support for Someone struggling with their Mental Health, No Shame on U

How To Support Someone Struggling With Their Mental Health, No Shame on U

Mental Health in a Jewish Context and How Congregations Can Support Families Struggling with Mental Health, JCFS Chicago

Jewish Mental Health Values, The Blue Dove Foundation

How to talk to a Friend Going Through a Mental Health Crisis by Nina Henry, JCFS Chicago

May is Mental Health Awareness Month - by Ann Luban, JCFS Chicago. (Includes Year-Round Coping Strategies) 

Put Burnout on the Back Burner and Cook Up Self Compassion in 2022 - by Laurie Garber-Amram and Diane Kushnir Halivni, JCFS Chicago.

In the Synagogue

Parshat Vaera D'var Torah Suggestions

Parashat Yitro Self-Care D’var Torah Suggestions

Mental Health Mi Sheberach Prayers, The Blue Dove Foundation

Give Me Your Hand Responsive Reading by Rabbi Eric Weiss

Music: A Healing Tool by The Blue Dove Foundation (Includes 39 Songs for Jewish Healing, Peace, Joy and Comfort)

A Prayer for Healing for Mental Illness

A Prayer to be Recited by the Family Member of One Struggling with Mental Illness

Shabbat at Home

Conversation Starters

Make Mental Health the Center of Your Shabbat Dinner Conversation, The Blue Dove Foundation

Alternative Shabbat Ritual, The Blue Dove Foundation and One Table

Suicide Prevention and Support

Suicide Prevention and Support in the Jewish Community Including a booklet for families grieving the death of a loved one to suicide

MISSD Medication-Induced Suicide Prevention and Education Foundation in Memory of Stewart Dolin

Opening Up About Suicide, Jewish groups start addressing mental wellness—for those who are suffering, and the people who love them, by Paula Jacobs, Tablet Magazine, Feb 1, 2021.


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