A well-rounded education & resources to meet our students’ needs.

The Knapp School & Yeshiva in West Rogers Park serves students in grades K - 12+. Our safe, supportive learning environment is geared toward individuals who have not succeeded in other educational environments.

We are proud to be accredited by AdvancEd and approved by the Illinois State Board of Education.


Unique Opportunities for Jewish Success

Our Yeshiva program integrates the Knapp School environment and a Jewish day school. This combination allows us to create unique opportunities for social, emotional, academic and Jewish success.

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“The best part of my work is watching a student transform after earning a school job. It gives them a purpose, promotes growth, social skills and affords the chance to make friendships.”

Work Development & Employment Specialist

When Our Students Succeed, We Succeed:


  • Low student-to-teacher ratio, with no more than ten children per class
  • State-aligned curriculum plus collaboration between school personnel, parents, and mental health professionals for a comprehensive and individualized education
  • Support for transitions at every stage, including elementary, junior high, high school, college or establishing oneself in the community

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