Do you remember the first time you lived on your own? Did your first load ff laundry? Cooked your first meal? Looked for your first job?

For any young adult, these can be nerve-wracking tasks. For a young adult with emotional, behavioral, and learning challenges, gaining confidence in these daily life skills is the gateway to launching a life of independence.

The brand new Life Skills Program at the Knapp School & Yeshiva enables more than 120 at-risk youth to gain skills in decision making, time management, interpersonal relationships, team building and independent living. Our life skills transition room contains a kitchen fully stocked with appliances, a washer and dryer and ample storage space.

Within this amazing space, students learn basic life skills: money management, cooking, cleaning, laundry, using transportation, recycling, nutrition, health and personal hygiene skills. The Life Skills Program integrates social-emotional, motor, academic and language skills through functional activities that promote self-confidence and introduce new opportunities for the future.

When the school day ends, the Life Skills Program and the room that houses it can be used by other JCFS Chicago programs such as after-school inclusive recreation and integrated pediatric therapies.

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