Home Based Waiver for Children and Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Self-Direction Assistance for Children and Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Under the Department of Human Services, Division of Developmental Disabilities, Home-Based Services (HBS), also known as “the waiver," is a part of the Medicaid Children’s Support Waiver and Adults with Developmental Disabilities Waiver. HBS provides a monthly allotment , or budget, that individuals can use to purchase supports and services that will help them to live in their homes and engage in their communities.

JCFS Chicago provides Self-Direction Assistance (SDA), one of the many services that can be purchased through the waiver. Individuals/families who choose JCFS as their SDA provider will be matched with a Self-Direction Assistant, who will and help clarify the extent of HBS services, provide support in coordinating services, and managing the monthly budget. The SDA will work with you, your representative, case manager, and other waiver providers as a part of your home-based services team.

For more information on Home-Based Services for children or adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities, including how to apply for services, contact your local ISC agency and inquire about the PUNS list (the database that informs the state of Illinois of those who need or may need waiver services for individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities).

For more information on JCFS Chicago SDA services, call 855.275.5237.

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