Client Success Stories

Louis's Success Story

With the help of JVS Career & Employment, Louis has been working at MOD Pizza since October of last year. His job coach reports that Louis has become a pizza box folding master, and after working together Louis is able to independently clock in and out, bus tables, check in with customers and navigate the kitchen safely.

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The Challenges and Successes of Remote Learning

Our students have been remarkably resilient in the face of all this change and I believe their resilience is in part due to the relationships they have with teachers, teaching aides, clinicians, and support staff in the building,” said Maureen Gilligan, the director of instruction & assessment at Knapp School & Yeshiva. 

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Early Intervention Success Story

“My son is so medically complex that I had him in a bubble,” Evelyn, the mother of and Early Intervention client shared. “But as time went on, I realized what a blessing Early Intervention was. It wasn’t just therapy for him, it was therapy for me.”

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