Programs by Name

Are you looking for a particular program and can’t find it?

All of our programs are listed below by name, with the service category in parentheses. 
If you still have questions, please call us at 855.275.5237.

Addiction & Misuse Services (Addiction and Substance Abuse)

Adoption and Infertility Support (Adoption Support)

Autism Spectrum Testing & Evaluations (Psychological Testing & Evaluations)

Beit Simcha (Residential Supports and Consumer-directed CILAs)

Camp Firefly (Recreation and Social Opportunities for Kids)

Chicago Jewish Adoption Network (Adoption Support)

Clinical Psychology Training Program or PsyD/PhD (Professional & Community Training)

Counseling (Counseling & Psychological Services)

Connections: Early Childhood Training Institute (Professional & Community Training)

Developmental Therapy (Therapeutic Interventions)

Disruptive Behavior Clinic (Counseling & Psychological Services)

Divorce Specialty Center (Counseling & Psychological Services)

Encompass (People with Disabilities & Their Families)

Heichal (Residential Supports and Consumer-directed CILAs)

Hevra (Social and Recreational Opportunities for Adults with I/DD)

HIAS Immigration & Citizenship (Immigrants & New Americans)

Home-based Waiver (Home-based Support Services)

Illness, Loss and Spiritual Support (Illness, Loss & Grief)

Integrated Pediatric Therapies or IPT (Therapeutic Interventions)

Internships (Professional & Community Training)

Jewish Chaplaincy Services (Jewish Community Programs)

Jewish Community Abuse Resources, Education and Solutions or JCARES (Abuse Prevention)

Jewish Community Emergency Resiliency Team or JCERT (Professional & Community Training)

Knapp School & Yeshiva (Therapeutic Education)

Legal Advocacy Center (People with Disabilities and Their Families)

Migdal Oaz (Residential Supports and Consumer-directed CILAs)

Neurodevelopmental Testing (Psychological Testing & Evaluations)

Occupational Therapy (Therapeutic Interventions)

Partnership for Safer Communities (Abuse Prevention)

Project Shield (Abuse Prevention)

Psychology Extern Training Program (Professional & Community Training)

Psycho-Educational Testing (Psychological Testing & Evaluations)

Respite (Resources for Parents)

Response for Teens (Teen Center)

Sibshops (Resources for Parents)

Speech-Language Therapy (Therapeutic Interventions)

Supportive Community Living Initiative or SCLI (People with Disabilities & Their Families)

Virginia Frank Child Development Center

Virginia Frank Preschool (Therapeutic Education)

Yad B'Yad (Social and Recreational Opportunities for Adults with I/DD)

Yeshiva (Knapp Day School)

JVS Career & Employment

Career Moves


Contracted Employment Services (Employment Services for People with Disabilities)

DHH (Deaf and Hard of Hearing)

PAT (Placement Assistance)

Pharmacy Technician Program


Supported Employment (SEP)/Customized Employment (CE)  (Employment Services for People with Disabilities)

Youth Services


JVS Career & Employment has joined the JCFS Chicago family of services. JCFS Chicago is a partner with the Jewish United Fund in serving our community.  We embrace diversity.  Our commitment to inclusivity is woven throughout our services, programs and welcoming workplace.