Video Games Are Social Spaces: How Video Games Help People Connect

Children and teens are spending more and more time playing video games online with their friends. For most, this is a positive experience, allowing them to communicate with others even when they are unable to physically be with them. This is particularly true for people with difficulty spending time with others in-person, like those with major depressive disorder, autism spectrum disorder and social anxiety disorder.  

This unconventional method of communication is helpful in fostering connections while building the skills and confidence necessary to interact face-to-face. Although steps should be taken to ensure children’s safety online, online video games are a large part of the lives of young people and should be recognized as a source of social support.

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TDS Staff Participate in Professional Development Event to Help Students Achieve Their Full Potential

As part of our mission to provide a holistic education for students that helps them achieve success in life and in the community, staff at the JCFS Therapeutic Day School participate in professional development days, or staff in-service events. During a recent in-service event, staff learned new techniques for helping students accept responsibility for their actions, change their behaviors, and cultivate their social-emotional growth.

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TDS Mug Project

Ever wonder how a hump of clay transforms into a beautifully designed finished product?  Read about how our TDS students crafted 100 mugs to help fulfill a special design purchase order. TDS students visit the Art Room every week where the engage in out-of-the box activities.

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