Mental Health Connections

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, so we checked in with one of our Response for Teens clinicians, Zatio Kone, to learn more about the subject.

“I really think that mental health is about learning how to live with the range of human emotions and learning how to tolerate everything that comes our way,” Zatio said. “It’s ok to struggle sometimes, it’s ok to feel less than great.

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A Greater Reach

JCFS Chicago’s Outpatient Behavioral Health/Psychological Services has expanded its relationship with REACH, (Resources for Educational Achievement, Collaboration and Health), and now our clinicians are providing school counseling services within Jewish day schools.

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Therapy Helps Teen Get Back on Track 

Sixteen-year-old Maya was not attending high school on a regular basis. With her parents separated, the oldest of four became quite isolated and spent many hours online. She had very little contact with people outside of social media.  Maya’s mother contacted JCFS Chicago’s Response for Teens to get help for her daughter. 

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Approaching This Year’s Seder

Most of us in the Chicagoland Jewish community will gather for a Passover seder in a few weeks. This annual ritual often brings together different generations of family, friends, and sometimes new faces. This diversity can add to the richness of the experience.

At a time when the Israel-Hamas War has been dominating the concerns of much of our community, it presents us with some challenging moments. It behooves us to consider in advance if and how we might address the war at the seder table. Do we avoid discussion of the war altogether? Address it directly? Guide a discussion? Introduce themes of the war into the Passover rituals?

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Healing from Our Ancestral Wounds

We all have ancestors, even if we don’t know much about them. Our family lineage has a direct impact on our present day lives in ways of which we are not fully cognizant, according to Rabbi Dr. Tirzah Firestone, who recently led Moving Toward a Healing-Centered Care, a JCFS sponsored training for Chicago area clinicians and other professionals.

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