Story of Success

Story of Success

People turn to JVS Career & Employment when they need help with their job search. Oftentimes, after gaining employment, those same people will contact JVS to share a career update. This was the case for Dan, a writer, who naturally took pen to paper (or in this case, fingers to keyboard) and wrote a testimonial letter describing his positive experience with JVS. 

“When I contacted JVS, I knew I had to make a change, but really wasn’t clear about what strategy would help me find a job,” Dan wrote. “I have been a consultant for about 75 percent of my career, and I needed to adapt my job search strategies. 

“I was very aware that various factors were coming into play – my need for income; adapting to changing economic needs in the sectors I worked in (nonprofits and universities) and being prepared to meet new challenges in my specialty – writing content for organizations,” he added. “I also knew that I needed to be organized, focused and act quickly.”

With guidance and help from JVS Career Counselor Sandra Saltzman and Senior Level Networking Group Facilitator Marcy Miller, Dan secured a position with a Chicago nonprofit as a writer for its development department. 

“I think that both Marcy and Sandra were very professional and straightforward, and they were also able to talk things out with me, refer me to tools that really helped and were respectful that this was my journey and I had to bring to it whatever I needed to find a job,” Dan said. 

Sandra credits Dan’s storytelling ability for his success.

“When someone tells you a story, they tap into the emotional aspect of who we are. And we tend to remember those stories and the person that told us,” Sandra said. “In business, that creates a link that is very special. And that aspect of who Dan is benefitted him in securing this position.” 

While working with JVS, Dan participated in a weekly senior level networking group, run by Marcy. He said those meetings not only provided networking opportunities, but also support from others in the group, which made him feel less isolated during his job search.

“Dan listened to and internalized the information we shared with him concerning several matters, including networking and connecting with others,” Marcy said. “He then owned the process and took responsibility for making it happen.”

Dan said that Marcy and Sandra helped him strategize, develop a resume and find resources that could lead him to opportunities. He set goals and was encouraged to go at his own pace. 

He wrote in his letter that Marcy and Sandra were always professional, personable and very insightful. He said he appreciated that they responded to his questions in a very fast and thorough manner, and they were encouraging, honest and informed every step of the way. 

“Not every organization can provide career support that is both kind and on point,” Dan concluded at the end of his letter. “That was my experience with JVS.”

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