Career Services provides workshops focused on the critical materials needed by all job seekers as they prepare to launch their job search. Our workshops are in-depth presentations focused on resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn, networking, interviewing and professional branding, with all of the resources needed to help with the job search process and assist in securing employment.

Explore our list of upcoming workshops to find the ones that work best for you and your professional goals.

Career Services offers our unique Motivation and Accountability group because we understand that staying positive and on course during the process of searching for the right job can be difficult. We bring the uplifting components of how to stay motivated, like meditation and positive online presentations, while keeping you on task and responsible throughout your weekly job search.    

Why it works

All of our workshops and groups are facilitated by professional staff who understand the needs and challenges associated with a successful job search. Workshops focus specifically on creating professional materials, while standing out from the rest of the candidates, while our groups provide the support needed to sustain you through your job search journey.      

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