Mentoring truly complements the advising, seminars, and support services offered by our staff.


Mentors are committed individuals who build bridges between commerce and community, increase employment opportunities, and fuel economic development. As a JVS Career & Employment mentor you will serve as a critical partner for a job seeker, or business owner. Your willingness to share your professional experience with others provides support and a foundation for success.

Here are just a few other ways you will help make a difference:

  • Provide guidance and support to aspiring entrepreneurs and job seekers.
  • Observe and learn from emerging practices.
  • Participate in an effort to meet the challenge of economic development in our community.
  • Help strengthen the knowledge, creativity, and strategic agility of current and future mentees.
  • Help create vibrant communities and advance the mission of JVS Career & Employment and its partner programs.

Take the first step

To sign up for a volunteer project, or for more information, please contact Benjie Weiss.