Our employment specialists serve as advocates for people with disabilities, ensuring a successful path to work and independence.

How it works

Once you are on your way to employment, we are here to help you achieve independence in your work. On-site job coaches work with you and your employer to identify your new roles and responsibilities, making sure that they are broken down into manageable steps. Each job seeker is unique, and we believe that with the right tools, everyone can find fulfillment through work.

Why it works

Our team is trained and certified in flexible strategies, services and supports designed to increase long-term employment and career advancement for job seekers who need a more individualized approach. By working with you and your employer, together we create a positive work environment for all.

Take the first step

Want to learn more about Job Coaching? Speak directly with one of our intake counselors at 855.275.5237 or email us at ask@jcfs.org.

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For assistance or more information, call us at 855.275.5237 or email us at Ask@JCFS.org.