Teletherapy and Distance Learning

By: Jody Miller, MA CCC-SLP

We are living in an unprecedented time that has posed numerous challenges to families around the world. Virtual learning and therapies are new to many families, but you are not alone. Integrated Pediatric Therapies is here to help. Whether setting up schedules, providing structure in the home or offering new strategies and parent coaching, we are here to support you so that you feel like you were trained to do this.

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Dealing with Divorce During Shelter in Place

You might be embroiled in a destructive relationship, contemplating the release of divorce, or you could be well along your way in the progression of events. Divorce in our normal world can be extraordinarily traumatic. When you add the anxiety brought on by our current chain of events, for some people it may be arduous. We are all navigating the pitfalls for our very first time, perhaps we can learn from one another.

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Awareness and Inclusion: Creating Opportunities for School Success for Children with Emotional Disabilities

Rabbi David M. Rosenberg, Coordinator, Jewish Educational Services, JCFS Chicago Therapeutic Yeshiva reflects on Jewish Disability Awareness, Acceptance & Inclusion Month and the opportunities for success the JCFS Chicago Therapeutic Day School & Yeshiva create for students whose potential to achieve has been hindered by their emotional disability. 

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First Steps Toward Inclusion

From the day we are born we are a member of a community. As our development progresses and we learn to convey our wants and needs, our involvement and inclusion in family and community life increases. In some instances, infants and young children require early intervention therapy to augment their social, emotional and physical development so that they become actively engaged in their community.


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Mindfulness: A Tool Fit for the 21st Century

by Tabish Shamsi, M. A., Psychological Services Therapy Extern

What is mindfulness?

All human beings in the 21st century lead highly sophisticated lives compared to non-human animals. This is the result of having a uniquely evolved mind that allows us to perform advanced maneuvers like using language to plan, reason, evaluate, communicate, reflect on the past, and anticipate the future. These remarkable abilities have enabled us to construct a highly sophisticated society comprised of tall buildings, fast-moving aircrafts and advanced medical technologies such as hair-splitting microsurgery.

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New Disruptive Behavior Clinic

Our list of comprehensive services for children and their families continues to expand with The Disruptive Behavior Clinic (DBC), a new program under the clinical direction of Carri Hill, Ph.D. and Pia Todras, Psy.D., members of the Psychological Services team at JCFS Chicago.

The purpose of the clinic is help families with children aged 2-12 who are experiencing difficulty in managing their child's behavior, or who are concerned with emotion or behavior regulation at home, school or in public settings. Some examples of behavioral issues are noncompliance, aggression, irritability and tantrums.

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Mental Health Therapy for Children? Why?

By Lindsay Hardy, M. A.

Life in general presents us with ongoing challenges, many of which we feel unprepared to handle- parenting, divorce, interpersonal issues, etc.. At times, we need outside support to help us make sense of the challenges we face.  And so do children.  Pursuing counseling for a child, either as a primary service or an addition to current services, can foster positive change on a number of levels. It probably looks much different than you think.  However, knowing when a child might need this type of help can be challenging.

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