A Greater Reach

JCFS Chicago’s Outpatient Behavioral Health/Psychological Services has expanded its relationship with REACH, (Resources for Educational Achievement, Collaboration and Health), and now our clinicians are providing school counseling services within Jewish day schools.

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Getting Back to Normal

When Maria and her family contracted Covid-19, her husband Diego had the severest symptoms and spent four days in the hospital. Maria struggled to find help, but with the help of a JCFS Financial Assistant, Maria applied for disability support because of her heart condition.

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Family Conflict: An Opportunity for Growth and Change for All

By David Lipschutz, LCSW, Director of Adult, Child and Family Services

Conflicts happen at school, at work, and in homes. Arguments, big and small, occur in all families. There are many causes for these conflicts. The pressures on families are endless. Financial, cultural, traumas, school, employment, and relationships are some examples of stressors that families face on a daily basis. All these stressors create a complex environment for raising children in our society. This article highlights the potential for growth and change by acknowledging that verbal conflicts occur in families and looks at ways to be less reactive in these conflicts.

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Tips for Traveling with Young Children During the Holidays

By Carri Hill PhD, Pia Todras PsyD and Barbara Danis PhD

The holiday season is upon us, and for many families that means time to hit the road to grandma's house! Regardless of the mode of transportation --car, train or plane-- traveling with young children can be challenging for the entire family. Even the most well-behaved child may have difficulty managing his behaviors and emotions during this time of year. Planning ahead increases the likelihood that the trip will go smoothly.

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