Teletherapy and Distance Learning

By: Jody Miller, MA CCC-SLP

We are living in an unprecedented time that has posed numerous challenges to families around the world. Virtual learning and therapies are new to many families, but you are not alone. Integrated Pediatric Therapies is here to help. Whether setting up schedules, providing structure in the home or offering new strategies and parent coaching, we are here to support you so that you feel like you were trained to do this.

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Talking to Young Children about Tragic Events

No matter how much parents or teachers try to keep the “bad things” away, children’s lives are touched by trauma. Parents and other adults may struggle with how to talk to kids about tragic events. Taking a proactive stance, discussing difficult events in an age-appropriate language while respecting their emotional intelligence and maturity level, helps children grapple with “grown-up” issues. Addressing tough topics not only makes kids feels safer, but also teaches them about the world and helps them become critical thinkers. By investing young children with knowledge, compassion and strong character, we can give them the tools they need to make things better.

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