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Supporting the Adoption Journey

November is National Adoption Awareness month, a time to shine a spotlight on families formed through foster care and adoption. There's a good chance you are touched by adoption through family, friends, or community. How can you best support those on this lifelong journey?   In more ways than you can imagine! 

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JCFS Foster Parent Story: It's Good to Let Kids In

Ms. Seals has been a JCFS Chicago foster parent for about 5 years. She frequently attends foster parent trainings and is a member of the JCFS Foster Parent Advisory Board.  She initially started fostering to care for her grandchildren.  She supported their safe and successful return home, but wasn’t sure she would keep fostering.  She spoke with JCFS staff, thought and prayed about what to do.  She decided to continue fostering.  “I have all this learning. I like kids and I am all by myself,” she said. 

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JCFS Foster Parent Story: Create Room for Surprise and Blessings

Caitlin and Christopher have been licensed JCFS Chicago foster parents for about a year.  They welcomed their foster son (now age 10 months) into their home 7 months ago.  They want to give a “shout out” to their case manager, Jenna, of whom they are big fans!  They also really appreciate the other JCFS Chicago foster parents they have met who have been “wonderful, dedicated, and gracious.”

Here is more from Caitlin and Christopher.

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We’re All in This Together: The Cost and Benefits of Rewards

As the holidays approach, we sometimes equate the value of a gift with the level of love and caring we have for a particular person, or as a symbol of the gifts of the Magi during Christmas or the gifts to commemorate the miracle of the oil lamps during Hanukah. In a larger context, it is important for parents and caregivers to understand the real meaning, cost and benefits of giving rewards to children and youth in care.

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We’re All in This Together- The Value of Encouragement

Encouragement can come in many forms. Sometimes it can be praise – a simple “good job!”  Other times, children need more than a kind word. It may take a hug, a special treat or giving more of your attention by playing a board game, watching a movie together or going to the park. There are hundreds of ways you can encourage a child, which, in turn will improve their self-esteem.

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