Back to School

Self-Care Tips for Going Back to School

Transitioning from virtual learning to going to school in-person can make students both excited and stressed. While excited to see their friends and teachers in the classroom, they might feel stressed about getting used to a new daily routine and being around more people. Here are some self-care tips for going back to school.

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School During COVID-19

Students of all ages are returning to school this month, prompting questions, concerns and hopes for the upcoming semester. JCFS Chicago's therapists and social workers have curated tips and resources in the blogs below to help students and their families with this transition.

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Back to School Time for Divorced or Divorcing Parents

As we move from the lazy, relaxed days of summer into the hectic days of early fall and back to school, I am reminded that these kinds of transitions can be difficult for any family. When your family is divorced, or going through the process, the challenges can seem insurmountable. Here are some tips to make this year’s transition go more smoothly.

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