Adults with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities

Kara's Success Story

As a young adult with disabilities, Kara came to the Duman Opportunity Center looking for help starting her career. She began working with her employment specialist Allen, and expressed her passion for working with children. She guided her through every stage of the job search process, providing individualized support that helped her secure a job as a child-care assistant at a local park district.

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The Outgoing Sibling

Helping the World See My Sister the Way I See Her

By Renee Birnberg Silberman

My sister is the most emotionally intelligent person I know. Our mother liked to tell me Estella was so smart, but I brushed her statements aside for most of my young and young adult life. After all, she had been tested as having lower than average intelligence, and the doctors told my parents (over half a century ago) that the best place for her to grow up was in a nun-run facility in Wisconsin.

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