Angie’s Pantry Hires Two Excellent Employees through JCFS Chicago

Angie’s Pantry Hires Two Excellent Employees through JCFS Chicago

The Duman Opportunity Center assists people with disabilities gain valuable skills that lead to competitive employment. Our employment specialists collaborate with specific employers, analyze their needs, and match them to qualified candidates’ abilities, talents, and interests.

Jonathan was looking for a part-time position but was having trouble finding the right job. Although Jonathan is deaf, he has proven in past positions that he is adept at cleaning and straightening up work areas. He also obtained his food handler’s certificate, allowing him to help with food prep.

Angie’s Pantry is a small catering company in Chicago. The owner, Angie, had been looking for a reliable employee for quite a while, so she reached out to JCFS Chicago for help. Angie talked with one of our business service representatives about the services offered at the Duman Opportunity Center. The business service representative also mentioned Jonathan and his qualifications.

Angie had never worked with a deaf person before, and she had a few questions about communicating with Jonathan. Our business service representative explained some of the best practices when communicating with a deaf person, such as eye contact, how to work with an interpreter, and how to use hands-on demonstrations for training. After arranging for an American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter to help, Angie set up a time for Jonathan to interview.

After the interview, Angie hired Jonathan. He quickly became an indispensable member of the team. In fact, Jonathan was doing such an excellent job that Angie reached back out to the Duman staff, asking if they had any other candidates:

“Jonathan is working out great, thank you! Wondered if you might have any other candidates for a part-time position much like Jonathan; he is such a gift.”

Our employment specialist presented another candidate with hearing challenges to Angie, and she was hired as well! Here is what Angie had to say about the second candidate and the Duman Opportunity Center:

“I can’t say enough about this program. I've found amazing people to help me! Thank you!

Angie had been searching for dedicated employees for months, and JCFS was able to find her two exceptional candidates who are currently flourishing in their duties at Angie’s Pantry!

We’re proud of the work the Duman Opportunity Center does in helping individuals with disabilities find steady employment. If you are an employer looking for more information, take a look at our website or call 855.275.5237.