How to Rebound from Job Loss During the Holidays

The holiday season coincides with the point in the year when companies often evaluate their performance and plan for the new year. Sometimes resulting in layoffs at a normally joyous time. It’s hard to imagine losing your job during the holidays, but if it happens there are plenty of ways to come out on the positive end.   Let’s look at some ways to set yourself up for positive future outcomes.

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Number of Older Adults Seeking Employment on the Rise

You enter the labor force, you work until a certain age, and you retire. Or maybe you don’t. More and more people are working into their later years, a trend that is expected to continue. People are working later in life for a number of reasons. In April, Richard Foxman turned to JVS Career & Employment, part of JCFS’s family of services that specializes in career and employment, to help him navigate the job marketsomething he hasn’t had to do in more than a decade.

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JCFS Hosts Inaugural Conference for Jewish Human Services Agencies

On April 29 through May 1, Jewish Child & Family Services hosted more than 400 lay and professional leaders, service providers, philanthropists, academics, direct service volunteers and agency board members from the United States, Canada and Israel at the Sheraton Grand Hotel in Chicago for the first annual Network of Jewish Human Service Agencies Conference: "Unifying Our Human Service Voice."

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