Success Stories

Every step, big or small, is a measure of success. We celebrate them all.

Our services include career counseling, job skills training, job referrals, financial literacy, small business development and more. While our core values come to us from the Jewish tradition, their power is truly universal. Our Mission is “We improve life through employment and productivity, and recognize that personal development is a lifetime endeavor.”

If you’ve found help through our services, we would love to hear your story. Personal stories help others see how help with their struggles is possible. JVS Career & Employment makes respect for client privacy a number one priority. We uphold the highest standard of professional ethics, which is why we don’t directly reach out to current clients to ask for stories while they are in our care. Stories can be shared in a number of ways and still have confidentiality honored. Please contact our Director of Marketing 773.467.3884 to share your success.

Success Stories

JVS Alex's Career Moves Story

Alex's Career Moves Story

Move up to career success

The JVS Career & Employment counselor helped Alex to understand how he could expand his business contacts through networking and offered practical ways to make this happen.

JVS Ali's Customized Employment Story

Ali's Customized Employment Story

Workplace accommodations and customized employment

JVS Career & Employment staff had the opportunity to present Ali’s visual resume at a Community Action Team Meeting.

JVS Jessika's Youth Program Story

Jessika's Youth Program Story

Finding employment for youth with barriers

Through weekly meetings, her JVS employment specialist found that her two biggest barriers were her living situation and her mental health.