To Me or By Me: Conscious Leadership & Clinical Practice

  • 12-1pm

Led by Dr. Alysa Slay. As clinicians, we are all leaders, serving as guides for other individuals or teams. For some, one's role as a leader may be an official designation such as a director or supervisor. In terms of the therapeutic relationship, a clinician's role can be that of a guide or leader. The therapeutic process often involves a clinician guiding (leading) their client in the exploration of thoughts, feelings, behaviors and relationships in order to navigate the world in a more adaptive way.

In this session, we will explore a framework of conscious leadership and how the manner in which one shows up as a leader in clinical practice can impact the therapeutic process with clients. Specifically, we will examine how a clinician’s experience of the context in which one practices, may unknowingly influence how one shows up as a leader or guide.

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