Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Creates Lifelong Healthy Habits

Many children with developmental delays and disabilities have trouble with coordination, strength, and muscle tone. JCFS Chicago’s physical therapist helps develop basic motor skills like rolling, sitting, walking, and running. But we don't stop at the basics. We want to be sure that all children can fully participate in their community at their highest potential.

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JCFS Chicago Supports Adolescents With IDD

We applaud UIC Associate Professor Kristin Berg and the Behavioral Health Stratified Treatment (BEST project) for seeking to better understand the needs of young people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We at JCFS Chicago share the project’s goals of early identification and treatment of mental health challenges to improve health and vocational trajectories across the life.

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First Steps Toward Inclusion

From the day we are born we are a member of a community. As our development progresses and we learn to convey our wants and needs, our involvement and inclusion in family and community life increases. In some instances, infants and young children require early intervention therapy to augment their social, emotional and physical development so that they become actively engaged in their community.


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