Developmental Social Groups

When is shyness simply a case of “being shy” or at what stage does shyness become more debilitating and stifling?

At what stage does shyness become a diagnosis of Social Anxiety Disorder? If you’re a parent who watches their child play alone, notices he or she observes but doesn’t interact with classmates, or lacks appropriate behavior in a social setting, we may be able to help you and your child. A developmental social group might help.


As we shared in April, Camp Firefly was canceled for summer 2020 and is on hiatus until further notice. This decision was made with an understanding of the unique needs of our campers and because of the need for our internal resources at JCFS to be redirected to best serve our families. Though we won't be able to meet this summer, JCFS Chicago remains committed to supporting our campers and their families by transitioning counseling and support groups like Sibshops online.

Camp Firefly offers a unique summer camp experience to boys and girls, ages 9-18, who have been diagnosed with social disorders, such as Social Anxiety, OCD, PDD, Asperger's Syndrome, Non-Verbal Learning Disorder, and High Functioning Autism. 

Ready, Set, Grow

This fun, play-based telegroup is designed for 2 to 3 year-old children who need support to develop language, play, and social skills. Waiting, turn-taking, following directions, and transitions are performed in a virtual classroom in your home. Using common objects and family routines, this weekly, 60-minute group provides opportunities to follow a schedule, as well as learn and practice skills needed for preschool activities, like circle time, snack, and art. Monthly themes are used to enhance vocabulary development, knowledge of early basic concepts, and pre-literacy skills. Early Intervention enrollment is not required for children to participate. Parent participation is mandatory. Please contact Megan Kowalski for virtual group registration and fee information.


The Chaverim group, for children ages 8-13 years, focuses on strengthening your child’s relationships through activities that enhance the skills needed to make and keep friends. Topics covered in group include: dealing with bullying, accepting criticism, cooperating with others, improving self-esteem, communicating needs, taking others’ perspective, expressing emotions, and showing respect.

Play Group (3-5 years old)

Focuses on the development of language and social skills, along with building play and friendship.

Handwriting Group (various ages)

Fun, engaging activities are used to target each child's fine motor, bilateral coordination, visual-motor and handwriting skills.

Friends Club/Peer Group (5-7 years old)

Does your child have difficulty finding their footing with peers? Consider enrolling your child in this group that uses hands-on learning and play activities based on Michelle Garcia Winner's Social Thinking approach.


Developmental Social Groups