What We Do

Our programs positively impact the lives of more than 5,000 people annually.

We touch the lives of individuals facing unemployment, underemployment, a career change, or the dream of small business development by offering assessment and advising, education and training, counseling, coaching, job placement and retention assistance.


Individualized Employment Services

Individualized Employment Services

Creating connections

We focus on the individual skills and desires of people with disabilities, and those who are low income, as a first step to finding employment.

Career Counseling & Coaching

Career Counseling

Advancing careers

Our comprehensive career development center is here to help.



Teaching marketable skills

We provide short-term, industry specific training to students throughout the year.

Support Entrepreneurs


Providing resources

The Duman Employment Center supports small businesses at all stages of development.

Scholarship Services

Scholarship Services

Easing financial burdens

We offer scholarships for Jewish college and graduate students.

Employer Services

Employer Services

A workforce ally

We help employers strengthen their teams through job matching, networking and more.