The people impacted by the horror unfolding in Israel are colleagues, friends and family for many of us. It is hard to know what to do for them from here, but for now, we as a community can come together and support each other. 

  • JCFS Chicago is offering a warm line for anyone, anywhere looking for support. Call 855.275.5237 to talk with someone, including Hebrew-speaking emotional support professionals, between 9am and 5pm Monday through Thursday, 9am-4pm Fridays. If you are experiencing a mental health emergency, or know someone who is in crisis, call 988 to reach a trained crisis counselor or 911 to connect with emergency dispatchers. 
  • Support for organizations, schools and synagogues interested in further services focused on healing through words of comfort, can call 855.275.5237 to request JCFS programming. 
  • JCFS clinicians have prepared several resources with guidance about how to support children in the wake of scary events (like the one in Israel).

Experience has shown us the importance of community to cope with stress, fear and uncertainty. As the war in Israel continues, we gathered online for an evening of support, music, and mindfulness including both Jewish and trauma-informed resources for navigating the current challenging situation. View the recording here.

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For assistance or more information, call us at 855.275.5237 or email us at