Fun Activities to Cure Kids’ Cabin Fever

Fun Activities to Cure Cabin Fever with Kids

By Kristen Magee OTR/L Occupational Therapist, JCFS Integrated Pediatric Therapies

Looking for ideas to cure cabin fever?  Here are 10 ways to make the most of the long winter days.

Sledding Outdoors

Ready, Set, Slide! Get moving and enjoy some natural winter fun.

Make Snowballs/Snow Angels

Hide small objects inside the snowballs for an added mystery game to improve finger and hand strength-- dig through the snow quickly so your hands don’t get too cold!

Snow Ball Fight Indoors

Kids of all ages (adults, too) love a fun snowball fight! Instead of snow, crunch up white paper into large balls to throw at a target, into a basket, or at one another! Crumpling paper is a great way to develop hand strength and bilateral coordination.

Sensory Tactile Bin

Use real snow or cotton balls as pretend snow in a bin with small objects hidden inside for a fun sensory activity.

Ice Cube Painting

Use jello powder or food coloring mixed with water in ice cube trays to create different colored ice cubes. Paint with the ice cubes on paper as the ice cube melts. Children can enjoy the smell and taste of the ice cubes.

Snow Painting

Use spray bottles filled with water and food coloring to spray the snow and watch the snow’s color change. This is a great activity to develop hand strength.

Taste White Foods

Have a picky eater? Why not make a white winter themed “SNOWtastic Meal or Snack”? Here are some foods to try: potatoes, rice, vanilla yogurt, popcorn, vanilla ice cream, cauliflower, bread, white pasta, white cheese, and milk.

Create a Snow Fort Indoors

Use mini and regular sized marshmallows to build small structures. This is great for developing fine motor control and patience.

Frozen Foam Dough

Combine a 12 oz. box of corn starch and a 10 oz. bottle of shaving cream. Mix gently and place in the freezer for a few hours until it sets. Children will enjoy playing with this snowy concoction!

Shoveling Snow

Ask your kids to help shovel the snow. This can help improve balance and movement.

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