Every step, big or small, is a measure of success.

For the parents of a nine-month-old who struggles to swallow and finally manages to eat a french fry, the event is as major a milestone as any. The teen who begins to trust again, the couple who becomes a family with the adoption of their daughter, the young man with an intellectual/developmental disability who takes the bus by himself to his first job...these are all examples of positive change.

If you’ve found help through our services, we would love to hear your story. Personal stories help others see how help with their struggles is possible. JCFS Chicago makes respect for client privacy a number one priority. We uphold the highest standard of professional ethics, which is why we don’t directly reach out to current clients to ask for stories while they are in our care. Stories can be shared in a number of ways and still have confidentiality honored. Please contact our Senior Director of Marketing at Communications@JCFS.org to share your success.

Success Stories