At Response for Teens (a program of JCFS Chicago), we understand and value the differences between being plugged in and being connected. Teens may be plugged into social networks, online communities and a wide circle of friends whom they text message, but they often choose to connect to a very small group of people.

It’s there, within those connections, that teens trust enough to talk freely about their concerns, feelings and pressures.  

At Response for Teens, teens are accepted and listened to without judgment. Whether they want to talk one-on-one with an understanding staff member or simply hang out, Response exists to support adolescents ages 12 to 24. Teens participating in Response for Teens also can be referred to other JCFS Chicago programs as warranted, such as camps and recreation, therapeutic education, and programs for people with disabilities. 

Response for Teens is a program of JCFS Chicago, a partner in serving our community, supported by the Jewish United Fund/Jewish Federation.

Since its establishment in 1970, Response for Teens has been a dedicated advocate of strong youth leadership and preventative education. Serving the diverse needs of teenagers and their families in the Jewish and general communities, Response helps adolescents develop skills in communication, decision-making and leadership necessary to deal with life’s challenges.

Staff members instill teens with self-confidence and compassion through education, counseling and sexual health services, which empower adolescents to make healthy life choices.

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Learn more about Response for Teens programs and services on the Response for Teens website, or call 847.676.0078 to schedule a workshop for your school, synagogue, church or organization.

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