Addiction Services

How to Save a Life from Overdose

Overdose deaths have reached unprecedented levels in recent years, particularly due to the increased stress, isolation, and barriers to addiction treatment brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. The good news: we can learn to recognize symptoms of opioid overdose and administer the rescue drug Narcan (brand name for Naloxone), which can reverse opioid overdose symptoms within minutes.

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Fentanyl Alert

Overdose deaths are skyrocketing as a result of the devastating effects of synthetic opioids like fentanyl which are being unleashed by bad actors into the black-market drug supply. Now more than ever, psychoactive drug use can be deadly. 

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Online Resources for Addiction Recovery during the Pandemic

COVID-19 and our activities to flatten the curve have impacted individuals in addiction recovery and their loved ones. Stressors have increased caused by COVID-19 and the pause to in-person recovery supports. Many have come to rely on online recovery resources, which have proliferated to fill the gaps in needed support. We've compiled a selection of links to addiction recovery resources. 

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