Innovative, individualized, inclusive…

JVS Career & Employment, a program administered by JCFS Chicago, offers employment assistance to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families through its customized employment program.

Workplace Accommodations & Customized Employment

Customizing employment is more inclusive and provides adults with disabilities options beyond day programs and sheltered workshops—settings that are often not engaging and do not meet their individual needs. It’s a way to match the strengths, conditions and interests of a job candidate and the identified business needs of an employer.

JVS Career & Employment helps job seekers with disabilities identify their interests and abilities, map out a career path and learn job search techniques, then follows up with on-the-job coaching, helping employers to create accommodations and support. JVS Career & Employment staff are trained in a special blend of flexible strategies, services and supports designed to increase employment options for job seekers with severe challenges who need a more individualized approach.

JVS Career & Employment’s unique services include:

  • Comprehensive needs assessment and customized discovery process
  • Individualized plans to maximize job satisfaction and retention
  • Documentation assistance, job coaching and progress checks
  • Connections to residential options, social and recreational programming and other supportive services

To learn more about JVS Career & Employment’s Customized Employment program call 855.463.6587.


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