Community Education

There is an adage that we grow through learning. At JCFS Chicago, we wholeheartedly agree. 

Services for People with Disabilities (SFPD) hosts Community Education, a platform that offers informational presentations on topics relevant to people with intellectual/developmental disabilities, their families and caregivers, professionals, and the larger community in support of people with disabilities. Community Education aims to enhance understanding of issues that affect people with disabilities and promote inclusion of people with disabilities within the larger community.

SFPD’s Community Education invites presenters of all abilities to contribute to Community Education. Those interested in providing a presentation on topics relevant to people with disabilities are welcome to complete the Request for Presenters form. While there is an online form available, interested parties are also welcome to complete a PDF form and email their completed PDF to Kathryn Dougherty.  Requests for Presentations are accepted on a rolling basis, and presentations are scheduled year-round. At this time, presentations are held virtually. 

For more information on presenting through Community Education, please contact Kathryn Dougherty at 773.765.3158.

Past Community Education topics have included:

  • What is Customized Employment?
  • Interview Tips and Tricks
  • Inclusion in Faith Communities
  • Bereavement Experiences of Individuals with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities
  • Being Your Child’s Best Advocate: A two-part series on advocacy in Early Intervention and Special Education systems
  • PUNS, Understanding Changes and Moving Between Waiver Services
  • Understanding Guardianship

For current offerings and to register, please check the JCFS Chicago calendar.