This resource for addiction recovery during the High Holidays offers a variety of pathways for the Jewish community to support Jewish people at this holiest time of year. Read more here.

Recovery Observances for inclusion throughout the High Holiday period
Grape juice for Kiddush
Shofar blasts as metaphor for recovery
Recovery Birthdays

Elul: Programming ideas
Recovery Speaker
12-Step Torah
Open 12-Step meeting

Selichot: Readings and Prayers - printable PDFs to use during services
*These reading may be appropriate for Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur as well.

  • Forgiveness
  • Relationship with God
  • Tshuvah
  • Prayer for people in recovery
  • Prayer for slips, lapses, and relapses

Links to each of the 12-Step Torah Study Sheets (one for each Step)

Rosh HaShanah
Recovery topics from which to build a D’var Torah

  • Inscribed in the Book of Life: Recovery in the Jewish Community
  • Cheshbon HaNefesh/Accounting of the Soul and the 10th Step

Readings to incorporate into Rosh HaShanah services
Prayers and Readings printable PDFs

  • New Beginnings
  • Sweet New Year
  • Starting Over
  • Tashlich for Recovery

Yom Kippur
Recovery topic from which to build a D’var Torah: Letting today be rock bottom

Readings to incorporate into Yom Kippur services - printable PDFs

  • Recovery Ashamnu
  • Vidui for addiction recovery
  • Reading: You stand here today
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