November 2018

News from Nancy

“Happy November!” as I like to call it. It seems every year that the beginning of the school year and October tend to be rough months for our youth, and then it is November. We have fall colors, change of time, colder mornings and Thanksgiving foods.  I was recently reflecting on being part of the foster care team that allows us all to help heal our youth so they can become productive citizens. Over the past few months I have heard from former youth who are now young adults.  They share their success as well as their challenges. I had one youth who told me, “I was foolish that I ran from the JCFS home I was in.  I realize now that they were just trying to help me.”  Since he left that home he went to multiple homes and “aged out” of foster care. To his credit, he contacted the JCFS foster parent who was open to talking with him and seeing him again. When people ask me what type of work I do and I tell them and how long, they are amazed. My statement to them has always been that I work with some amazing foster parents, staff, youth and families.

I guess my message to us all is that at times things will be rough, but hang in there as you are making an impact on our youth. They may not be able to tell you at the moment, or ever, but every day they are in your home, they are healing.

JCFS is working on developing our teams. I hope to next month to announce some changes. I hope you can continue to be patient with us.

As a reminder, we are looking for foster parents who can take our youth.  There is a stipend once they are licensed and have a youth placed. They must make sure they mention who they were referred from.

Wishing you a wondering Thanksgiving if you partake and fall season.

-Nancy Dorfman-Schwartz, Senior Director, JCFS Child Welfare

Licensing Reminders

As the holidays roll around and life gets busy, don’t forget to maintain all records!

According to Section 402.26 Records to be Maintained, 

Records to be maintained by the foster family shall include:

  1. the name and date of birth of the child, the legal guardian of the child, religion of the child, and arrangements for education of the child;
  2. a record of immunizations the child has received; any physical problems, limitations, or allergies the child has; any current recommendations for special medical care;
  3. the name, address, and telephone number of the child's physician, guardian, and supervising agency;
  4. a log of medication prescribed and given;
  5. the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of persons to contact in case of emergency;
  6. the names and persons to whom the child may be released;
  7. a record of waivers for immunizations, medical examinations, and treatment;
  8. a record and/or receipts for distribution of allowance and clothing funds;
  9. a record of the emergency evacuation plan and quarterly rehearsals;
  10. a record of the child care supervision plan, when required under Section 402.11(c);
  11. a copy of the CFS-592, Overnight Visit Arrangements that shall be kept for the duration of the visit;
  12. a copy of any CFS-432, Guardian's Consent for Out-of-State Travel, or Extended Trips.
    • The foster family shall maintain records to verify attendance at required pre-licensure and in-service trainings.
    • Records maintained by the foster family shall be kept current and shall be open to inspection by the supervising agency. All persons who have access to the foster family's records shall respect their confidential nature.

Try maintaining records in a binder, file cabinet, and/or folder to keep everything together and organized.

Contact Nicolette Macomber or Judith Nerette with any questions.