October 2019

Emmalee Osborne, JCFS Chicago Child Welfare Administrative Aide, helps our program in many ways. She makes sure all the paperwork gets to the appropriate places, she supports our clinicians and foster parents with programs and intake and helps maintain licensing records. Many of you have spoken with Emmalee on the phone, as she is the pleasant voice on the other end.

Emmalee started her job at JCFS Chicago six months ago, and previously worked as a mental health behavioral intervention specialist. She appreciates the stability and structure of her current role and enjoys a good work-life balance.  She likes to help people when she can, but sometimes is faced with the challenge of finding the right mix to get clients and program needs met.  Emmalee’s advice to foster parents is “give kids options”.  In her previous work she found it helpful to give youth a sense of empowerment by having a choice whenever possible. 

In her personal time, Emmalee enjoys expanding her MMA and basic boxing training to include krav maga.  She also hopes to spend more time getting back to long distance running.  Her favorite foods are Chicago hot dogs and Asian foods, and she has an adopted “fat cat” who acts as her morning alarm clock. 

We hope you enjoy working with Emmalee as part of your support team!