May 2019

Paris FreemanParis Freeman is a Foster Care Case Manager who joined our team 10 months ago.  She has worked in other related fields, including health care, where she saw kids who needed more solid support than they were getting.  Paris also saw many kids with special needs misrepresented and underserved and decided to make a career change to better support children and teens. 

Paris shares that the Foster Care Case Manager role is “something that was supposed to happen.”  It is tough work, yet positive things can happen.  She enjoys seeing kids stable in caring homes. “It’s rewarding to see parents and kids making progress.  I love what I’m doing now.  I am really happy.”  Her best advice for all of us working to support children and teens in foster care comes from her wall of inspirational quotes.

“The biggest communication problem is we do not listen to understand.  We listen to reply.”

Paris is an open-minded crafter, enjoys traveling and eating a good steak. You may find her at a Boyz II Men concert, which is her favorite musical group.

Thanks for sharing, Paris!