December 2019


Meet the JCFS Team

Meet Tracy Walsh, Child Welfare Case Manager Supervisor. Tracy started with JCFS Foster Care in 2015, and has supported our foster families as a case aide and case manager before moving to her current role as a supervisor. Prior to joining JCFS, Tracy was a preschool teacher and GAL in Will County.  The kids and families she worked with experienced many challenges, leading Tracy to seek professional opportunities where she could help make a bigger impact.

Tracy enjoys helping expand opportunities for kids by “creating an extended network of support and family, regardless of their permanency goal.”  Though the unpredictable nature of the foster care system can be challenging, Tracy encourages foster parents to utilize their case management team for support.  “We are here to listen and support you. We hear you.  Even though we might not always have the solution.” 

In her free time, Tracy appreciates time with her family, especially her eight-month old nephew and Friday pizza night.  She also has fun with friends, and enjoys listening to live music, including musicals.  One of her favorite soundtracks is from the movie musical “The Greatest Showman.”  The song “This Is Me” bolstered Tracy’s mood during some long car rides back in her case manager days.  

Check out the song on YouTube for your own car self-care plan.  Thanks for the tip, Tracy!