December 2018

News from Nancy

The holiday season is upon us.  The weather is colder.  Thanksgiving has passed.  Black Friday has come and gone.   It is time for me to reflect upon the significant changes of the past year for the JCFS Chicago Child Welfare Department and all that really needed to happen. We have built a stronger infrastructure of support for supervisors, who in return can better support their case workers/clinicians and help our youth, biological and foster parents. In addition, we have hired many new case managers who I am very excited to have on our team. The role of a case manager is both challenging and rewarding all at the same time. It is not uncommon that the length of stay as a case manager is 2-3 years. It has been a trend I have seen across all child welfare programs, as well as our own agency. If I had a magic wand I would change that, as it can be hard for families to adjust to new case managers.

I am excited to announce that Tracy Walsh, one of our case managers, has been promoted to a Case Manager Supervisor.  She brings great insight, and a vast knowledge of the child welfare system to the position.  We have hired a new Intake Coordinator, DaJonese Turner, and new Case Manager, Lorne Anthony. I know many people have been asking for an organization chart and it was presented at the Fall 2018 Foster Parent College.  We will be sending this out to folks soon via email soon to reflect the new changes.  

As the current year comes to an end, I wish you all a happy new year with good health and happiness.

Thanks for all you do.

-Nancy Dorfman-Schwartz, Senior Director, JCFS Chicago Child Welfare