August 2019

Hillery Morris is the Assistant Director of Child Welfare at JCFS Chicago.  She directly supervises both the clinical and case management supervisors, providing key support to our whole program.  Hillery has worked at JCFS for six years in residential care, IPS/MAC, and as a supervisor of foster care therapists.

When Hillery started her graduate school program she was initially interested in social justice and changing policy.   Her internship with an afterschool program for underserved youth changed her path to working directly with children and families instead.  Prior to joining JCFS, Hillery worked in California supporting families to prevent out of home placement. 

Hillery appreciates “the privilege of hearing stories and experiences, especially when different from my own.”  She shares that stories “provide perspective in my professional and personal life.  I appreciate and am interested in learning about differences in people and the connections- feeling part of something bigger.”  Hillery also values “the need for human connection and the need to be heard.”  She encourages “foster parents to reach out to our team if you need additional support.  We need to know what’s going on to best support foster parents.” 

Hillery enjoys live music and time outdoors with her two dogs.  She likes to keep up with new music and listen to all types.  She especially enjoys performances at Thalia Hall and recently saw two jazz greats there.  On her two dogs, Hillery notes that her first one is a rescue that is pretty anxious and needed a “support sister.”