Providing clinical assessment and diagnosis of children with specialized disorders

They are counseled that some children develop slower or later than others. Parents are hesitant about moving beyond their pediatrician’s assessment, even when they have a gut feeling that something isn’t right.

An accurate diagnosis and definitive treatment plan for a child suspected of having a specialized disorder, such as autism spectrum disorder or attention-deficit disorder, can be an empowering process that helps parents help their child achieve his or her greatest potential.

At JCFS Chicago, our team of qualified clinical professionals lends their expertise in the assessment and diagnosis of children with specialized disorders. With the goal of providing parents with diagnostic clarification and further understanding of their child’s current level of functioning, clinicians provide feedback and a written report that  identifies individualized recommendations for educational placement, speech/language therapy services, occupational therapy services and behavioral interventions.

Recommendations from our team are highly specific and may also be used to advocate for the child’s educational placement.

Our comprehensive psychological/developmental assessment is a 10-hour evaluation that is scheduled over four appointments. During the four sessions, our team interviews parents, administers a standardized, semi-structured assessment of communication, social interaction and play for individuals who may have autism or other pervasive developmental disorders, and direct evaluation of the child, including intellectual testing and language testing.

JCFS Chicago provides flexible payment options and insurance billing for specialized assessments. We are part of the BCBS PPO network as well as the Humana HMO & PPO network. Direct insurance billing may be available for other insurance companies after verification of coverage has been completed. Insurance reimbursement is based on eligible services of the client's benefit plan.

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