Through the Therapeutic Yeshiva program, Children Who are Challenged by a Range of Emotional and Developmental Disorders are Provided an Educational Opportunity for Success Unlike any Other in the Chicago Metropolitan Area.

Therapeutic Yeshiva, an arm of our Knapp School & Yeshiva, offers religiously observant families the joyful experience of having their child study history, math and other traditional courses, while also fulfilling the mitzvah of learning Torah.

Our Judaic studies classes follow the Jewish Studies Subjects Taught by most area Orthodox Jewish schools to the greatest degree possible and include instruction in Hebrew language, Torah, Prophets, Jewish Law and Mishnah/Talmud. The Yeshiva also provides Beit Midrash for morning and afternoon prayer and study, special Jewish holiday celebrations and commemorations and optional weekly after-school Mishmar study.  When appropriate, students take part in classes from other Jewish schools as part of their academic program. To broaden our students' social and Jewish involvements, we seek volunteer opportunities in the community as well as celebrations at other Jewish schools. 

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