Aquatic Therapy uses the water to support the body in different ways than on land.

Individual Services- Continuing to offer individualized and family-oriented teletherapy services with our highly qualified clinicians. Let us join you in your home, via video, for:

  • Traditional, individual therapy: 60 minute sessions to address cognitive, fine and/or gross motor, speech-language, and feeding deficits
  • Parent support sessions: 15-30 minute sessions designed to help parents support their children in highly functional ways during specific daily routines  
  • Intensive block therapies: 30-60 minute sessions, 3-5 times per week for 2-4 weeks to address a specific functional and/or academic skill

Group Services: Integrated Pediatric Therapies is also committed to keeping our kids connected. Services are offered in-person and via teletherapy based on interest. Group descriptions are available on our Developmental Delays page.

Call 847.412.4379 or email us to schedule an appointment.

This gives extra options for growth when working with children with motor, language and feeding issues.

To see if Aquatic Therapy is right for your child, email Jennie Marble or call 847.412.4379.

Virtual Teletherapy in the time of COVID 19 helps us continue to help your child thrive! Feel free to watch this video produced by Good Morning America for a quick explanation.

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