IPT Teletherapy Services

Individual Services- Continuing to offer individualized and family-oriented teletherapy services with our highly qualified clinicians. Let us join you in your home, via video, for:

  • Traditional, individual therapy: 60 minute sessions to address cognitive, fine and/or gross motor, speech-language, and feeding deficits
  • Parent support sessions: 15-30 minute sessions designed to help parents support their children in highly functional ways during specific daily routines  
  • Intensive block therapies: 30-60 minute sessions, 3-5 times per week for 2-4 weeks to address a specific functional and/or academic skill

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Virtual Teletherapy in the time of COVID 19 helps us continue to help your child thrive! Feel free to watch this video produced by Good Morning America for a quick explanation.

Group Services: Integrated Pediatric Therapies is also committed to keeping our kids connected. The following group services are being offered through teletherapy.

Ready, Set, Grow

This fun, play-based group is designed for 2 to 3 year-old children who need support to develop language, play, and social skills. Waiting, turn-taking, following directions, and transitions are performed in a virtual classroom in your home. Using common objects and family routines, this weekly, 60-minute group provides opportunities to follow a schedule, as well as learn and practice skills needed for preschool, like circle time, snack, and art.  Monthly themes are used to enhance vocabulary development, knowledge of early basic concepts, and pre-literacy skills. Early Intervention enrollment is not required for children to participate. Parent participation is mandatory. 

Navigating Social Situations in the Age of Technology

As children and teens use electronic devices to connect now more than ever, this group will help children learn to problem solve, work as part of a group, connect, and improve their social communication skills in a fun, online format.

Sounds and Letters and Words, Oh My!

Utilizing listening, phonological skills, letter knowledge, and early decoding skills, your child will build his or her reading and writing strengths. Thematic vocabulary, reading comprehension strategies, and specific language instruction will also be addressed to help your child better generalize skills. Based on a screening, a weekly curriculum will be tailored to children’s needs to boost skills. Group run from 3:30-5pm on Wednesdays. For children 4-7 years old.


This group was developed to help your child participate in an important family routine and develop a lifelong skill, cooking! Each week a new recipe will be featured while focusing on hand strength and dexterity needed to open containers, using utensils, mixing, pouring, etc. These skills also enhance academic and self-care skills. Your child will also work on the ability to follow a sequence of steps and increase attention for a multi-step activity while using a recipe. Finally, your child will have the opportunity to virtually share their finished product with others in the group or with a family member or friend in their home, which promotes positive social skills and interactions. Let’s get cooking!  

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