Alex and his wife recently immigrated to the United States.

On arrival in the U.S. they had limited finances to sustain them for more than a short time, so Alex contacted JVS Career & Employment to see how they might be able to help. Both he and his wife immediately began attending ESL classes to improve their English, with the hope that it would help their chances of getting a job. Alex has a degree in economics and finance, as well as experience as a budgeting specialist. He was also proficient with computers and skilled in customer service. A JVS Career & Employment counselor showed Alex ways to highlight these qualities on his resume.

The counselor also helped Alex identify ways to expand his business contacts through networking and offered practical ways to get started. Alex started to apply for jobs online, as well as connecting to potential employers by networking. After several months, he found a position that interested him as administrative support for a local non-profit organization. Several interviews later he was offered the job and was thrilled to accept! Alex is now employed full time and his supervisor reports that he is doing an outstanding job.

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