We live our mission thanks to these leaders’ vision and passion. They help guide JVS Career & Employment, in tandem with gifted professionals from diverse backgrounds.


  • Stacey Shor, President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Vincent Everson, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
  • Marlies Gramann, Vice President of Disability Services and Chief Program Officer
  • Kameka Love, Vice President and Chief People and Culture Officer
  • Judd Holzman, Vice President and Chief Development Officer

Business Advisory Committee

Alan Alport (Immediate Past Chair), Rick Bendix, John Daniels, Daniel Dolgin, Susan Duman, Robert Ferencz (Chair), Bruce Fogelson, Andrew M. Glick, Cheri Grossman, Marc R. Jacobs, David Lowenthal, Adrienne Meisel, Michael Season, Martin Smith, Michael R. Treister, M.D.

Honorary JVS Directors

James A. Alter, Richard M. Bendix, Jr., Jack R. Bierig, David L. Blumberg, Donald P. Cohen, Seth A. Eisner, Paul L. Epner, Vernon Fox, Janet Jablon, Adrienne Meisel, Ellard Pfaelzer, Jr., James M. Schultz, Jack D. Tovin, Michael R. Treister, M.D.


Jeff Blumenfeld
Jeff Blumenfeld, M.Ed, MA, LPC

Director, Career Services

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