Job Search Tips While Social Distancing

While we all must be in our homes, take this unique opportunity to get all your preliminary job search work done ahead of time and be prepared to apply when we’re all back in contact.

The information on this page can also be downloaded and shared via PDF.


  • Create a resume headline: When in doubt, consider using the title of the position you are targeting, or customize it to best fit each position. Hiring managers scan your resume, generally looking at the top 1/3 of the first page. Headlines sell newspapers and including one on your resume can shine the spotlight on your talents and get you noticed. 


  • Targeted Networking: Identify a short list of target companies you want to work for, then search for company insiders, decision makers, hiring managers and staff in those companies and seek opportunities to connect with people in your network for introductions to these individuals.


  • ​Now is the time to reach out to people through email, phone and social media to gather information on the skills and experience required to transition into a specific company or a new career path. It can also help you get a complete picture of the targeted position you are seeking. Reach out, and when you connect ask the person if they are willing to be added to your network going forward. Ask for introductions to other individuals in your field, or the company you have targeted to expand your networking connections. ​And remember, networking is a mutually reciprocal and beneficial relationship…it’s a two-way street!

If you’re someone who wants more assistance, we’re here to help, offering services online, through video conferencing platforms such as Skype, Zoom and Teams, or by email and phone.

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