JCFS engages Jewish day and overnight camp administration and counselors to prevent and appropriately respond to abuse and neglect.


Camp personnel will gain a heightened understanding of their roles and responsibilities, feel more comfortable responding to situations involving abuse or neglect – including the legal obligations to safeguard campers’ overall safety. 

Topics Include: 

  • Establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries 
  • Signs and symptoms of child abuse and neglect 
  • Responding to disclosures or suspicions of abuse and neglect  

This training includes discussions of real-life examples of situations administrators and counselors may experience during camp. More than 700 camp directors and counselors are trained in this program annually.  

For more information or to schedule a Safer Camps session, contact Bracha Jakofsky, MSW, Abuse Prevention Coordinator & Mental Health Educator, 847.745.5430

To report suspicions or knowledge of child abuse or neglect, call the DCFS Hotline at 1.800.25.ABUSE (1.800.252.2873)  


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