Perhaps you are planning to leave a gift to JCFS Chicago beyond your lifetime, but have not decided what type of gift it will be.

Signing a declaration of intent is a wonderful way to let us know JCFS Chicago will be able to count on you for that support.

When you sign a declaration of intent, you are simply making a statement like this:

I promise to make a gift to the JCFS Chicago Endowment Foundation either during my lifetime or through provisions in my will.

When you decide how you will fulfill your legacy gift, you can quantify your declaration of intent by letting JCFS Chicago know of your planned gift.

We welcome the opportunity to speak with you and your attorney or financial adviser about this and other ways you can continue to support JCFS Chicago beyond your lifetime. For more information or to schedule a conversation, please contact Michelle Maer, Director of Individual Giving, or call 773.467.3913

The JCFS Chicago Endowment Foundation was created in partnership with the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago’s Agency Endowment Program, which was established to ensure that JCFS Chicago and our sister agencies have the necessary resources to meet growing and evolving Jewish community needs. All commitments to the Agency Endowment Foundation are recognized as gifts to the Jewish Federation’s Centennial Campaign.