Howard just celebrated his 80th birthday.

He’s doing ok, living on Social Security and some income from a few investments. JCFS Healing Network really helped him cope with his wife’s long illness and the loss when she died. He used to make annual donations to JCFS, but that doesn’t fit into his monthly income. He has a little money set aside – about $20,000  -- and decides now is the time to put it to good use. He uses the money to purchase a Charitable Gift Annuity for the benefit of JCFS Chicago through the Jewish Federation. It’s a very simple arrangement that provides him with fixed payments every month for the rest of his life and the remainder of the $20,000 will go to JCFS Chicago after.

A charitable gift annuity benefits both the donor and the charity.

  • In return for a gift to JCFS Chicago, the donor receives regular, fixed payments for life.
  • After the donor’s lifetime, the remainder of the gift goes to JCFS Chicago.
  • This provides security for you during your lifetime and security for JCFS Chicago after.

More details and examples of current Charitable Gift Annuity rates.

We welcome the opportunity to speak with you and your attorney or financial adviser about this and other ways you can continue to support JCFS Chicago beyond your lifetime. For more information or to schedule a conversation, please contact Michelle Maer, Director of Individual Giving, or call 773.467.3913

The JCFS Chicago Endowment Foundation was created in partnership with the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago’s Agency Endowment Program, which was established to ensure that JCFS Chicago and our sister agencies have the necessary resources to meet growing and evolving Jewish community needs. All commitments to the Agency Endowment Foundation are recognized as gifts to the Jewish Federation’s Centennial Campaign.